Barge Services

Do you struggle with moving your boat lift?

Do you have a difficult time navigating around a muddy shoreline?

At Stevo's Dock & Lift we have the equipment to make sure you can enjoy the weekends at the lake. Our hydraulic fork barge simplifies moving boat lifts and docks in and out of the water. 
By using the barge it provides less stress on your lake shore equipment. Instead of dragging your lift through the lake bottom and over the rocks we can pick it up and set it down gently in your yard. With the telescoping forks it allows us to set the dock or lift off to the side of your property so it isn't right out the front window. If you do not have room for your lift, let us barge it off site and store through the winter. 
Using the barge allows us to offer Spring Installations, Fall Removals, Storm Recovery, Hauling heavy items to islands, Service Calls, Transport to another location and much more!

Some of the area lakes we service are Big Pine, Farm Island, Cedar Lake, Clear Lake, Dam Lake, Gun, Little Pine, Lone Lake, Long Lake, Nord Lake, Rabbit Lake, Ruth, Serpent, Spirit Lake, Stark Lake, Sugar Lake, Wilkins.