About Us

Stephen May started Stevo's Lawn & Landscaping in 2007 providing lawn care, landscaping, dock/lift installations, dock/lift removals and service/repairs to docks and lifts.  

2008: Stephen purchased the company's first barge.  Utilizing the barge enabled Stephen and his crew to install and remove docks/lifts for his growing list of customers. 

2014:  Stevo's became a Shoremaster Dealer, providing high quality docks and lifts. 

2015:  Phil Martin became part of the Stevo's crew as a part time employee.  In 2019 we were fortunate to have Phil Martin join us full time as Service Manager.

2017:  Stevo's became a DH Dock Dealer, providing another option for high quality docks.     The company was incorporated and is now doing business as Stevo's Inc. Inc.

2019:  Stevo's became a Shorestation Dealer (high quality lifts, including hydraulic lifts) and a DAKA Dealer (another option for high quality docks).     

Stephen's focus has always been customer service and that continues today.  Contact us today to answer any questions you might have concerning, docks, lifts, accessories, repair and service. 

We look forward to serving you.